Speaking the Language of Leather


Below are common terms used when referring to and describing leather as it pertains to the tanning process.

Corrected: Hides that have an excess of imperfections receive this treatment. A leather is corrected grain when nature's markings are buffed away and an artificial grain is embossed or heat-stamped onto the hide.



Full Grain: Leather from which only the hair has been removed and a dye applied. The hide retains its natural state. Natural markings are left intact and present the character and appeal of unique leather. Scars, burns, or insect bites will be present.



Hand Antiquing: This effect is done much like polishing a fine antique. Applied by hand of a darker color over a lighter color to create a distressed effect.



Nubuck: A top grain, aniline-dyed leather that is buffed to create a soft nap. NOT suede, which is made from the less desirable split hide. Especially vulnerable to stains, nubucks are often lightly finished for protection.



Patina: A patina is what develops on fine leather over time that gives it the look like your grandfather's chair did. Described as luster or shine consumers who purchase aniline leathers can look forward to their piece developing even more character.



Pull-Up: The contrast of lighter color that occurs when aniline leather is pulled tightly around corners and turns in the upholstering process. The oils and waxes in the leather cause the color to dissipate and become lighter in the areas thus giving the piece an antiqued appeal.



Pure Aniline: Leather that is aniline dyed only, receives no additional coloring, but may include a protective treatment such as Scotchguard.



Sauvage: A mottled, two-tone antiquing effect that gives dimension to a flat leather. Much like a piece of marble.


Semi Aniline: A top-grain leather that is aniline dyed then receives an additional treatment of pigment to add protection.
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